The Loveridge Family Session


I love this sweet, crazy family of seven! This session was fun and interesting with all their kiddos! Each of their kids have their own unique personalities which made the day enjoyable! Also to add to the excitement, their sweet horses decided come and join in on the fun!!  

I truly commend Brandon and Heather for their patience and love to handle all that they do for their church and friends of their community, while also raising 5 kids! They love serving in the church and investing in college aged kids which I know we are all very thankful for.

Check out some more pictures from this session on my Gallery Page!

California Wedding


So I was super blessed and will be forever thankful that I was able to photograph this wedding. The groom's sister is my best friend and the lovely couple trusted me enough to capture their special day! This wedding was in Sacramento, California and it was the sweetest, most beautiful wedding I've been apart of. I was not only the photographer, but a guest as well, so I was happy to help them celebrate their day! Jake and Kayla were so full of joy and love for each other throughout the whole day and it was heartwarming to see!

Girl's Ministry || Fun Church Session


So this was such a fun session! At my church, a friend of mine is starting a girl's ministry for the high schoolers. So she asked me if would be interested in taking pictures so she would have pictures for social media and I gladly excepted! These girls were so cute and full of energy and they all had heart for the Lord that just shined through them! After the shoot, we ate lots of pizza and played some games and shared lots of laughs!

Johnson's Family Session


So this was my second time getting to shoot this sweet family and they are always so fun! The first time, their daughter was on a 9 month long mission trip (how amazing is that!) so we did another session once she got back home. The first session was done in downtown Dacula and it included an abandoned gas station with the old gas pumps, which was awesome! The second session was done at a farm and it made for some amazing pictures! This family has a heart for God and are always serving others! I am so thankful that they let me take pictures of them!